Custom Suits of Plesaenton

We, at HENRICKS Custom Suit , believe in the suit!

Its true that the worn out traditional I’ll-fitting suit is obsolete and a new normal in fashion trend is on the horizon that has not yet been mapped out.

Over the decades the suit has evolved and will continue to do so. It will never completely be a part of our past, It’s idealism is to ingrained in our history. 

It will be new version. A perfectly fitted, deconstructed fashion forward version, both minimalistic in design, yet bold in color and accents. A suit of style and elegance, tempered with a casual attitude. 

It now belongs to a secure man willing to show his individuality. The man that exudes confidence and charisma in whatever he does. The man that can truly wear anything but chooses to wear a suit.

Thank you
Gary Henricks