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Style. Design. Service.

Whether you love staying ahead of all the fashion trends or you’re looking for those classic items, at HENRICKS, we’ve got you covered. Our large selection is why we are such a highly recommended Men's Clothes Store in Bay Area.


Who we are

We are a select team of well dressed, reliable, and friendly people.

The Process

We help guide you through selecting fabrics, fit, and style, to help you find the right clothing for your needs. Something that will be versatile and last you for many years to come.


About the experience

Buying a custom suit or dress shirt is an opportunity to tell a story. Your story. We’ll help guide you through the process so that you can create something truly memorable.

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HENRICKS Red jacket.jpg


This isn’t your typical suit buying experience. We’re going to help you find the right fabric, details, and fit for your body type, all without the high-pressure sales experience that’s far too common in our industry.


From unique jacket linings to full canvas construction and accent stitching, we’re going to help you to tell your story with your suit. We can even adjust the width of your lapel or create a special monogrammed label. Let a little personality shine through!


Pick your fabric 

That’s exactly what you’re going to do at this first fitting. We literally have hundreds of fabrics available, but don’t worry, 

 we’re going to help guide you to the right cloths based on your needs and style.

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When was the last time you flipped through traditional swatch books to find the perfect cloth for your new suit? 

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 Book  your appointment

We know you are busy and so we aim to be very flexible with our scheduling.

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