25 Things That Change When You Upgrade Your Wardrobe & Improve Your Style

Often I meet men who tell me that they are comfortable in the clothes they wear, even though they admit that they don’t look good in them.

Most of them don’t see the benefit of dressing up and so they just wear cargo pants, flip flops, and T-shirts.

1. Coworkers take you more seriously and ask you more questions

2. When you walk on the street, other people will turn their heads to observe you

3. Wherever you are, you are much more likely to be noticed by other people

4. People on the street ask you for directions because you look trustworthy

5. You will have no problem test driving a Porsche or Maserati

6. Strangers will compliment your style

7. Your guy friends may make fun of you in the beginning, but soon they will solicit style advice

8. Good friends ask you to help them order a suit and ask you for color combinations

9. People smile at you more often

10. At the bank, you don’t have to wait very long anymore

11. You are more likely to receive an unexpected upgrade — in a hotel, at the car rental desk or for a better table at a restaurant

12. If your superiors are sloppy, they may feel threatened

Most men don’t realize that they could probably earn more money, attract more attention from potential partners, and be taken more seriously if they dressed well. Of course, dressing is a process and it takes some time, but at the end of the day, it is always worth it.

14. Salespeople are more likely to talk to you — but they are also more likely to leave you alone if you tell them you are not interested

15. Friends that usually just wore t-shirts all of a sudden wear a blazer when they meet you for dinner

16. You begin to want mother-of-pearl buttons on your shirts and horn or corozo buttons on your jacket; additionally, you want your buttons to have a shank, so they button more beautifully

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18. You notice little details such as hand-sewn buttonholes or the last of shoes other men are wearing

19. You will likely start to notice others’ (poor) style choices, poor fit, etc. – always remember that you might have committed some style mistakes as well when you started!

20. Some people at work may feel threatened by you because you are dressed better than them

21. Some may think you are more arrogant, but if you are friendly you can quickly show them otherwise

22. Moths become your enemy

23. Suits and shirts that you always thought fit properly suddenly feel like an ill-fitting potato sack

24. You become interested in closets and their size

25. You analyze other people’s style and you smile when you see them wearing a real ancient madder silk tie, peccary gloves or double sided scarves

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