A Little Advice About...


  1. Hang up your clothing after each wearing. High performance natural fibers shed wrinkles and retain their shape.

  2. Hang suits and sport coats on a curved wooden hanger. This helps your coat to keep its shape.

  3. Give your clothes a rest. Rotate your suits so you don’t wear the same suit more than once a week.

  4. Arrange your closet so there are a few inches between your garments. This allows breathing room and minimizes wrinkles.

  5. Never store garments in plastic bags except when they come directly from the dry cleaners.

  6. When driving your car take your suit or sport coat off and place it on a hanger. In cold weather your over coat will keep your coat from wrinkling so you don’t need to take it off.

  7. When cared for properly a suit has a useful life of approximately 200 – 250 wearings.

  8. Purge your closet once or twice a year to eliminate unnecessary items. If a garment is 10 years old or you haven’t worn it in a year, it’s time to give it to charity or your favorite nephew.


  1. After each wearing, hang your trousers on a clip hanger by the cuff or hem. This will allow wrinkles to hang out.

  2. Avoid filling up your pockets and don’t walk with your hands in your pockets. It puts stress on the side seams.

  3. In the winter static electricity may cause your trouser leg to cling to your sock.