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Updated: Mar 26

A Letter to My Suit

Hello there. I know its been a while but I just want to let you know nothing has changed between you and me. I know we have not been out lately but that does not mean I dont care. Well things just arent the same in my world these days.In fact folks have said that you have died.

We both know that is not true. I have informed them that you are taking a break from the circus like atmosphere currently on display. Now when I look back over our time together I cant help but smile. It was you who helped me land that first job in corporate America. It was you who assisted me with upgrades into first-class seating at the airport. It was you who encouraged the maitr de to seat us without a reservation.

And what about all those nights on the town?  Man, the ladies loved you...some so much that I had to feed them breakfast the following morning. We had it together.  Well, I started to worry a bit when someone decided to make you look skinny. They knew nothing of drape let alone taste or elegance. Yet they promoted themselves as "on trend". Now look around. They say you are dead. These same morons have changed the landscape to the point that guys like me are nauseous more often than not. These clowns know 101 ways to make love but they dont know any women. Ya feel me?   Ok, maybe I need to vent but trust me: you and I define what it is to be timeless. So lets take a break a little while longer. You are not dead. They are. Remember Ali against Foreman? They counted him out before the fight started. He waited for the right moment. And that is just what we are gonna do. HENRICKS Custom Suits.

Begin your journey with one of our expert stylists who will guide you in selecting the perfect fabric from hundreds of colors and patterns. Personalize each piece with design elements such as genuine horn buttons and vibrant linings for a truly custom creation.

HENRICKS Custom Suite

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