This Year’s Biggest Denim Trends For Men

Cropped and pinrolled jeans are still prevalent in modern menswear. So much so, in fact, that’s it’s easy to forget there was ever a different, lengthier way of doing things. But there was, and in 2021 it’s set for a comeback.

The re-emergence of jeans with longer legs that stack above the ankle is symptomatic of something larger taking place in all areas of menswear. Styles popular in the late 1990s and early 2000s are beginning to make a comeback, and stacked legs is one way that’s manifesting in denim.

Blue Is The New Black

For many years now, grey and black jeans have been ubiquitous, but they’re becoming less so as we move into the new decade. Blue is back in a big way and there are enough shades of it to cover pretty much every conceivable occasion.

Mid-wash indigo denim is becoming increasingly popular, marking a shift away from lighter stonewash styles. Raw indigo denim is, as always, still a great option and has the added benefit of being smart enough to cope with smart casual duties.

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