Custom Suit Jackets

Henricks men’s clothing offers tailored custom suit jackets to the San Francisco Bay Area that are perfect for the modern gentleman. Our tailoring process and materials are of the highest standards and take every detail into account to give you a piece of garment that is unique and makes you look your best. As a man of good taste, you always want to be the best-dressed individual in the room, and with our custom suit jacket tailored to perfection at our San Francisco Bay Area location in Pleasanton, you can stand out from the crowd. Wear our tailored suit jackets to a cocktail party, a date, or a business meeting. Wherever you go, the quality of our work will show, as well as the effort you put into making a good impression. Book a consultation or a tailoring appointment today and let us give you a look that will make any evening a resounding success.


We should always be aware of the look of the entirety of what we wear, and it should demonstrate unity, clarity and harmony.

Henricks ss2022 red jacket.jpg

Buttons, threads,  are just a few of the options we offer to meet your unique clothing tastes. Whether you want your suit customized a little or a lot, our wardrobe consultants make it easy to build your style.


When it comes to fabrics, we bring the globe to you. Our experts work tirelessly to source exquisite cloths from the finest fabric mills in the world. Our wardrobe consultants will always have a wide variety of colors and fabric types for you to see and touch.

Our knowledge and experience mean that our personal stylists will measure you for a custom suit that’s comfortable to wear and looks magnificent. We’ll then deliver a beautiful tailored garment that will become a hallmark of your closet.